Nutrition workshops for your business

Are you or your colleagues feeling low on energy, perhaps sick days are on the increase or maybe you just can’t shake that annoying cough or runny nose?

 I can help you and your company build the foundations for a healthier, happier and more productive workplace with a tailored nutrition workshop.  

My fun and interactive workshop helps you understand what good nutrition looks like and how small dietary changes can have a big impact on your health, for life.  

My approach teaches you first-hand how your body never works against you and how by tapping into its innate ability to heal itself through diet, lifestyle and emotional wellness, you can feel confident, healthy, happy and motivated. 


• 60 minute presentation tailored to your business’s needs

• Practical advice and tips on how to eat well during a busy working day

• Q & A session

• Samples of healthy snacks and drinks (extra charge)



• Discover what a healthy working day looks like

• Learn how healthy lifestyle habits and emotional wellness support you and your colleagues at work and at home

• Think differently about good health and share their new knowledge

“That was an eye-opener really and just confirming that we owe it ourselves to look after what we have. Very informative, a wake-up call and a reminder to never compromise on our health. Brilliant session, thanks for making it happen”

- BDO Ltd

‘Sophie came into our work to run a session on “Eating for Health” as part of our commitment to Learning at Work week. It was a fantastic educational session and we were hungry for more! Sophie is passionate about nutrition and it is infectious. Thank you so much.


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