Balance Hormones, Balance You

Imagine feeling strong, positive & less fearful about the changes that are happening in your body!

The menopause doesn't have to be a roller-coaster of high emotions, hot flushes and angst.


Does this sound familiar?

You are starting to get brain fog, suffer from mood swings and low energy or feel uncomfortable in your skin

You fear it's 'all downhill from here’

I'm here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way!

You can have happy, balanced hormones and sail through this stage in your life without putting on weight, taking HRT or wondering what's going to happen to your body next!

I've worked with hundreds of women like you who want a no-pill, no-HRT solution to menopause. They want to understand their symptoms and how to manage them naturally so they can feel vibrant, strong and sexy again.

Here’s how we do it…


Balance Hormones, Balance You is a 3-month therapeutic package that gives you the confidence and energy to manage your menopausal symptoms, puts you in control of your health and takes you from hormone hell to hormone happy!


My signature 12 week course combines nutritional, lifestyle and emotional therapies with 121 coaching to help you: 


Uncover the root causes of your symptoms


Understand why you feel like you do


Implement new nutritional and lifestyle habits so you positively embrace the next phase of your life.

Sophie has guided me through the menopause. She has enabled me to understand my body better and to work with it to heal and re- balance. I feel healthier now than I have done for years
— Lucy, 53

Balance Hormones, Balance You is not an off-the-shelf or a one-size-fits-all package;

Every woman experiences menopause in their own unique way so we dig deep to get a rounded view of your hormonal health picture. You’ll discover more about yourself, what food triggers to avoid, how to manage your emotions and the best way to take care of yourself.


This is how we do it…


You’ll understand more about your health history & feel ready to start making changes.


+ Discover your health picture and impact on your health

+ Understand the relationship between your emotional and physical health

+ Learn simple tools to start re-balancing your body

You’ll learn some new tools as we dive deeper into your health history


+ Review your progress and understand the impact of the changes you’ve made

+ Identify any stress or emotional triggers and the impact on your health

+ Get crystal clear on your symptoms, what they mean and how to manage them

You’ll feel more in control as you begin to listen and understand your body


+ Uncover more about your body and your inner rhythms

+ Create healthy habits and how to track your emotional health

+ Learn how universal influences impact your physical and emotional health

You’ll feel more confident in your new routine and able to celebrate the changes in your health


+ Discover a stronger connection to your body and begin to recognize the triggers

+ Experience more energy and feel motivated to make more changes

+ Develop clearer boundaries and start to proritise your needs

You’ll feel in flow, full of positivity and inspired to make other changes in life


+ At ease with your new health patterns and comfortable using the tools

+ Enjoy taking care of yourself and recognize the impact it has on your relationships

+ Comfortable with flexing your diet and lifestyle choices to suit your needs

You’ll feel emboldened and ready to embrace the new you with joy and excitement


+ Appreciate your new found health and become a source of inspiration to others

+ Confident that you have a toolkit of habits to help you retain good health, in any circumstances

+ Be proud of how far you’ve come and the transformations in your life

I feel great, I have more confidence and I now understand how easy it is for me to remain healthy and strong
— Rach, 42

You will get...

✔ 2 x personalised coaching sessions per month

✔ Weekly support via email or messenger to address any issues and keep you motivated

✔ Free access to resources; nutrition plans, supplement advice and lifestyle tips, to empower you beyond our sessions

✔ Bonus follow-up session 1 month after the course ends, to help you keep your health habits on track


What’s life like once you’ve completed Balance Hormones, Balance You? I’ll tell you…


You'll discover a new found confidence and energy

You'll feel ready to tackle anything; finally go for that promotion, take up painting or join a running club

Your skin will be brighter and you'll glow with health


You'll chuck your HRT patches in the bin!

Friends will comment on how well you look and you'll inspire them to make their own health changes!

You'll revel in the knowledge that you have the skills to maintain great health without pills, patches or prescriptions!

Who will be helping you?


If we haven't met yet, I'm Sophie, nutritional therapist & life coach.

I know how you’re feeling.
You’ve no longer got a spring in your step, you’re anxious, overwhelmed and tired. Your skin is no longer smooth and radiant, you’ve gained weight and a good night’s sleep is a thing of the past.
I know, because I'm there too. I’ve reached my late 40’s and I’m having to address these symptoms myself. But I want you to know that you can feel happy, healthy and energised again.
The reason I’ve spent over half of my life training and working in holistic therapies is because I know that your body never works against you and with the right tools you can achieve lifelong good health.
Tap into this inner wisdom using my guidance and support and you will feel motivated and empowered to achieve the best health possible.

I look forward to continuing to build my health and vitality with Sophie’s wonderful support.
— Claire, 42

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