The Art of Self-Care - What I Have Learned So Far


What I have learned is that life is not easy.  It requires a daily commitment to self-care that is over and above what we could ever imagine.

We are living at a time when our planet is at it's most polluted ever.  I'm not just talking about petrol fumes, I'm talking about the EMF's floating around from our 4G AND the fumes... 

Never has the time been so ripe to ask us to take extra care with every aspect of our wellbeing - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And it's a real struggle.  How do we stay simply hydrated when everything that surrounds us and the food on our shelves does the opposite?

When the emotional research shows us that every single negative thought we have creates stress.  Stress creates dehydration and dehydration creates stress.  Add to this, difficult life experiences such as loss, heartbreak, serious illness, financial ruin, divorce, you name it and daily life can become immeasurably hard and indeed paralysing for some.

 But I'm not going to be beaten by all of this.  I have dedicated my life to seeking good health through natural means and helping others too and I will continue.

I need daily rituals to get through and I need to stick to them even more religiously when times are hard.

Here are a few simple daily steps I take (in no particular order):

  • I meditate for 10 mins on waking each day with Headspace

  • I drink 4 pints of lukewarm water a day  (never more than 2 pints in 1 hr)

  • I move my body (run, work-out, stretch, yoga)

  • I pray

  •  I listen to uplifting music that moves my soul

  • I drink vegetable juice in the mornings

  • I cook unchallenging, clean meals with protein and veg

  • I snack on vegetable soup

  • I try not to eat late

  • I pick a guidance card for the day

  • I repeat one affirmation for e.g. 'I take excellent care of myself in all ways'

When I feel an uncomfortable emotion, I allow it + breathe.  I let it show me what it wants to show me and if I feel really bad, I connect with close friends and/or I connect with a mentor on youtube or podcast to show me the way.  And sometimes I do none of these things and I wallow but mostly I will choose some or all of these each day because they help me profoundly.  I hope they help you too. 

With love + friendship, 

Sophie xx

p.s. In my daily 1:1 work with clients, we address all of this and more. Need help?  Please ask.  💗

Sophie Shand