"Finally, I have felt heard!"

"I was drawn to Fuller Nutrition as I was tired of going to see various different doctors where I paid a lot of money for a very short amount of time with no diagnosis or relief. With Sophie the opposite has been true, finally I have felt heard! She could also explain why certain things were happening with my health. Her positive nature coupled with her vast knowledge and experience in treating the whole person has left me feeling positive and hopeful that I will gain optimal health. Thankfully she is available in Guernsey and I couldn't recommend her enough if good health is what you seek!"

- Dawn

"I feel so different, happier and more optimistic"

"I’m 14 years old and since last October I’ve been struggling constantly with tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, headaches, dizziness and insomnia. On top of that, I broke my arm and various issues at school were making me very down, upset and anxious. Through a difficult Christmas break I was feeling increasingly worse with nausea and stomach ache added to the other symptoms. Mum took me to see Sophie in January as well as my doctor. We did the intolerance tests and I was intolerant to gluten, dairy, sugar, red meat and chocolate. I really thought I’d never cope but Sophie was so encouraging as we talked through all my symptoms and anxieties. My blood tests show I have a sensitive liver that doesn’t detox properly. The detox period lasted about six weeks due to my liver problem, instead of a few days that it would be normally. I felt very ill for basically 24 hours a day and I missed a lot of school (which added to my anxiety as I was worried about catching up). I cried – a lot! But I was absolutely determined to finish what I’d started.

Sophie was brilliant, she was always available for me with advice and encouragement. I stuck to the special diet absolutely and finally I started feeling better and better. I was on the special diet for three months and it wasn’t that bad after all, in fact I’ve made some permanent changes because I don’t want to go back to feeling how I was. When I visited Sophie this week, we read through all the symptoms I had previously – I currently have none! I haven’t had a sore throat for over a month, no mouth ulcers, headaches, nausea or dizziness. My digestion and appetite are really good and I feel so different, happier and more optimistic. If you have symptoms like I had, I would definitely recommend you go and see Sophie. She will really listen to you and help you get better."

- L.B.

"I now feel confident that I am doing the best for my health"

"I saw an advert for Sophie at a time in my life when I was dealing with a variety of health concerns and had been meaning to have a food sensitivity test for a while so I decided to go ahead. In no time at all, I realised that Sophie would be able to help me with so much with her wealth of knowledge and holistic approach. I was taking far too many supplements and did not have the reassurance to come off them, so after learning how to adapt my diet and way of thinking, I have been able to stop taking all the supplements that I do not need. It feels very liberating! There was not one of my numerous questions that Sophie could not answer. The professional and friendly manner in which Sophie works and the lovely informal setting of her family home make the appointments very relaxing. I now feel in control of my life, much happier and confident that I am doing the best for my health."

- JO

"I felt a weight off my shoulders"

"If you’re feeling grey and tired all the time, Sophie will help you understand why. She’s the person to hold your hand. She is an authority. Her comprehension is reassuring. I was satisfied and buzzing after my session. The guided visualisation made me aware of things that I hadn’t been aware of that had actually been worrying me and I felt a weight off my shoulders regarding work.  The sessions helped improve my relationship with a family member. I also felt empowered and I didn’t expect the spiritual and mindful side of the therapy. They were a pleasant surprise."


"I came back to life again"

"I recently had a food allergy test done by Sophie, not because I had an illness or negative reactions towards food types but because I like to optimise my health. This test has been very beneficial for me personally and I've altered my diet accordingly. Sophie's knowledge on nutrition is outstanding and the amount of feedback she offers is very informative and helpful - if you read this then I strongly suggest you book a session and find out how you can better your own health with instant results provided on the day - personally I will be booking another session to see how I've made improvements. This is a test I HIGHLY recommend to everyone who has a vested interest in their health and wellbeing. What a joy to discover Sophie and her down-to-earth and liberating approach to nutrition and healing. After years of being told to restrict one's diet for good health in one way or another, it was incredible to be given permission to embrace one's intuition and allow balance in tune with one's mind, body and soul. Phew. I came back to life again. With much gratitude and love."

- emma

"I am back in control"

"If you are considering seeking nutritional support – just do it! I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough. Having endured two years of discomfort with no satisfactory relief from medical appointments, I researched into nutritional therapy and local therapists here in Guernsey. I discovered Sophie’s website and liked what I read. I have not been disappointed. She has helped me enormously to understand the cause and effect of health issues and guided me through to a point of significant recovery.  With her counsel I feel I now am back in control and have a much better understanding of my own health issues.  Her knowledge and expertise about nutrition is superb, she explains things with great clarity and her approach is professional, empathetic and very much solution focused."


"I am now on the right path"

"I was looking for alternative route to take control of my health issues. Seeing Sophie was a breath of fresh air. Sophie gently helps you to make decisions that feels right for you and your body. I still have a journey ahead of me but I am now on the right path, noticing a positive change just after three sessions. I recommend seeing Sophie if you are feeling confused or in doubt about handling anything health related. She will help you see how amazing the human body is and will guide you in the right direction using your bodies intuition and natural abilities."


"Feeling the difference it has made keeps me striving"

"Sophie was recommended to me by a friend who had benefited from her professional advice and I was in desperate need of some too.  Within a month, I saw how her positive, can-do approach to improving my diet helped me deal with my condition. I continue to follow her advice, not always 100% because some habits are difficult to break! But seeing and feeling the difference it has made and makes to my life keeps me striving for the 100%!"


"Giving my body a chance to heal itself naturally"

"I first contacted Sophie by email after doing research to find a qualified Naturopath in Guernsey, and after briefly explaining my symptoms to her she said those magic words “I can help you” and from that moment my life finally started to get better. I was in a bad way when I met Sophie 3 months ago, suffering with a chronic digestive disorder which I had had for over 3 years, and severe toxicity resulting in a permanent metallic taste.

Sophie has introduced me to the GAPS diet which is a cleansing diet that is gentle on the stomach and bowel, giving my body a chance to heal itself naturally. I have been warned it could take 2 years for my health to be restored, but with the knowledge that Sophie is there to guide me through the stages of the diet and answer all my questions, I feel determined to stick to the diet.

Sophie is friendly, approachable and professional and I trust her knowledge and judgment when prescribing gentle supplements and naturopathic techniques to help detox my body. I hope that one day I will be able to declare “I’m cured”, in the mean time I shall continue to spread the word to my family and friends of Sophie’s wonderful medicine “The healing power of food (and water!) "

"I am starting to feel a lot better in myself"

"I went to see Sophie for a consultation due to having some health issues, Sophie was extremely knowledgeable and her advice was achievable and practical and I am starting to feel a lot better in myself. Sophie kindly offered to visit with my daughter. Sophie was brilliant as my daughter refused to go to see Sophie so she came to us and she was able to talk with my daughter in her own environment which was better for her. My daughter listened and Sophie explained things to my daughter so she would understand. Feedback from her: Sophie is lovely, I like her a lot. My daughter did follow Sophie's advice and she understands the advice that Sophie shared with her. I can't thank Sophie enough.  he also had an effect on my other half who was there listening to the advice being given to my daughter!  Brilliant."

- holly

"I am now finally on the road to recovery"

"I'm so thankful that I met Sophie, and booked an appointment. After a very thorough consultation, Sophie was able to get to the root cause of all my chronic pain, and other health issues that I've been suffering with for the last 7 years. I have now started a nutrition plan to suit my own personal needs. And I'm really confident and excited that with Sophie's guidance and wealth of knowledge, I am now finally on the road to recovery. My only wish is that I'd found Fuller Nutrition sooner!"

- bridget

"Things have greatly improved for me"

"Following on from my food allergy test appointment with you on in August, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice. It has been a few weeks now since I have made changes to my diet according to the sensitivities that showed up in your testing and things have greatly improved for me. It’s not completely perfect, but I am aware that I do also need to allow my body to rest and try not to let anxieties take such a hold of me. Thank you again for your help.”


"I am finally seeing a way forward"

"Sophie is absolutely fantastic. For such a long time now I've been having so many physical and mental health problems including problems with constant infections and my ongoing battle with my eating disorder. Sophie is helping me adopt a much healthier relationship with food, emotionally and physically and is educating me, coaching me and guiding me on what is important to help my body heal.

I am finally seeing a way forward that food doesn't have to be the enemy but it can not only help my body heal but also give me such a healthier lifestyle and help me with my ongoing recovery, and for that I am so grateful."

- emily

"It might just be the push you need"

"I've not long had an intolerance test performed by Sophie, after I was given a voucher by my partner, and as a result I now have a more informed view on what I should be eating, avoiding and cutting down on. Give it a go, it might just be the push you need! Thanks Sophie."


“I’m working on my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing”

“Sophie has managed to get me to understand more about how my body works. For me this is key to implementing and maintaining a healthy regime. I have started a journey that may have ups and downs but all the time I know I am working on my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. I have been able to message Sophie when I have needed “emergency”advice and have been comforted by her understanding and guidance. I look forward to continuing to build my health and vitality with Sophie’s wonderful support.”


“You have changed me completely”

You have changed me completely. I owe you my life and you gave me back my life no understatement.