Can you take too many supplements?


Do you ever wonder if you're taking too many SUPPLEMENTS for fear you're missing something if you don't?

Perhaps you're doing more harm than good. 
You may be asking the LIVER to do something it simply doesn't have the wherewithal to do at that time. Have you ever thought that perhaps the liver is becoming OVERLOADED with supplement use which causes its own set of problems?

We produce our own B vitamins in the gut along with a myriad of other nutrients after all. Isn't it about creating an OPTIMAL INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT through diet and healthy lifestyle that means we don't have to rely on supplements for good health. We might wish to use a few at different times under guidance but ultimately we don't want to be taking them willy nilly unless we know we are using them in a supportive way. 
I think in this situation it really is worth consulting a PRACTITONER, even if it's just once, like giving your car an MOT. On the right foot then with clear understanding of the why's and how's of supplement use, you could be doing your system a very real service with the use of supplements in a healthful way avoiding the pitfalls of overload/wrong usage. 

This is not rocket science yet we are not taught how to heal our bodies naturally in school. We have to look at ancient eastern healing traditions such as the Chinese 5 element theory or old naturopathic principles such as Hering's law of Cure or Dr Bach's system using flower remedies to re-educate ourselves in healing our bodies naturally and a lot of this is about ALLOWING the body to heal and creating the QUIETNESS/STILLNESS within to allow the body to heal through a GENTLE SUPPORTIVE diet. 

Pricked your interest? Then please book in.  

The art of my work is to create an optimal functioning liver together with open routes of elimination (eg;colon) which creates a healthy internal environment and therefore a healthy body. This is work that encourages our body's own wisdom to heal itself with or without the provision of supplements and this is done through a careful analysis of a person's health picture and a very careful prescription of supplements if necessary, that supports the liver, not overloads it. 

It's the old adage- the body can heal itself if we can but allow it, ie; get out of it's way (remove the junk food etc.)

Check out my client's testimonial below on the subject of too many supplements. 

'My sleep quality has improved so much (and I sleep really easily just was waking tired) - and I notice I have started wanting certain good foods and have a good appetite (I had low appetite before, generally sluggish). I took great advice from Sophie Shand as I was often tired even though I was taking a lot of supplements and eating relatively well. I listened to her and learned several things that made me start to treat my body in a more holistic natural way. I stopped taking the handful of supplements morning and evening along with her other advice as to what I can change to have more energy. Fairly rapid changes occurred including the noticeable improvement in sleep quality. Sophie will help you tap into how clever your body is when it is given what it needs. The is the nutritional version of Self Empowerment, I recommend you see Sophie.' 

Sophie Shand