Take charge of your peri-Menopause & Menopause

Are you feeling the effects of hormonal change with hot flushes, night sweats and brain fog? Or perhaps you feel exceptionally tired, suffer from migraines and are prone to break-outs?

Whatever it is, I want you to know that you are not alone but I also want you to know that your hormonal change isn’t actually the cause.

Yes - it is stirring things up, that is for sure.

But what it’s stirring up was already there mostly hidden unless you were really overdoing it in your 30’s and early 40’s and then perhaps health issues may have shown up already.

Do you think our bodies are so badly designed that when our hormones change due to us moving into a different phase, that that then means our bones will crumble etc? It’s simply not true.

Our body never works against us!


if we are depleted, then yes, our body will take calcium out of our bones to buffer the acidity in our blood and it won’t get put back I’m afraid. Our blood must be 7.34 (ph) at all times and at a cost to our bones, it will do anything to keep it at this level.

This is just one example but please don’t think that just because our oestrogen levels are declining that now we must suffer from dry skin etc. It’s not true. But as I said, what the changing hormone levels are doing is highlighting the imbalances which were already there such as dryness ( dehydration ), poor use of essential fatty acids perhaps which will be down to liver function and liver function will be down to acidity ( toxicity) so once you start to address all of these at a fundamental level then you can start to re-program your body’s health picture and look forward to a wonderful future.

There’s no point in taking all sorts of fancy supplements and herbs until you have got underneath what is going on at a basic fundamental level. Then you can introduce different kinds of support with those as well as addressing stress and the emotional and spiritual aspect. This is holistic work.

So everything was not ok before your hormone levels started changing. It’s a bit like the pre-adolescent phase you see. There has to be enough ‘currency in the bank’ to be able to navigate hormonal change comfortably.  In other words, we need to be nutritionally and emotionally healthy to have a straightforward transition into the next phase of our lives.

This is no mean feat if you’re living on the planet today having to contend with all that’s being thrown at us in terms of pollution and stress, what’s been handed down to us through our ancestry plus trying to look after our children with work commitments, cooking for the family and navigating difficult life experiences.

It’s no surprise that something may give and often that is our health and wellbeing.

Menopause and ageing have such a bad rap too in terms of their effects on us and perhaps if we’ve identified solely as parent we may dread the looming empty nest to top it all off. But I want you to know that this time of our lives could be the most empowering experience where we get to dictate where we expend our energy, get clearer in our needs and wants AND feel great too.

So hormonal change will HIGHLIGHT our dehydration, our toxic load, our deficiencies and our unresolved emotions. 

I know the symptoms can be very hard to deal with but the positive is that they’re not arising because your body is working against you. It’s actually the complete opposite.

It’s doing everything it can to create balance. 

Can you believe that?

You see the body is always trying to shift toxins away from our essential organs and what better organ to use than the skin. It has a large surface area which the liver can use to clear quickly - that’s your hot flushes and night sweats.

But I know how frustrating it is. We can’t get away with anything can we? I remember being a teenager with spots and having to watch my sweet tooth to avoid a flare up. 

Now in Peri-menopause/menopause it may feel like we’re sensitive to EVERYTHING.  We can’t even have a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate without getting a rash or spots or sleeping badly.  It’s no wonder we seek out medication to alleviate these discomforting symptoms.  But often these medications are simply a sticking plaster masking what is going on underneath and adding more stress to an already overloaded liver. 

So I urge you to take the holistic route. I truly believe it is the only way.

Get down and dirty with everything that’s happening like an archaeologist or investigative journalist would. Leave no stone unturned. Look at your diet, look at your day to day life, observe your feelings.

You deserve to be well. And with the right help, you can really understand fully what’s happening and navigate your way successfully through all of the discomfort and out the other side into the Enchantress phase.

The Enchantress phase is the 3rd stage of our lives. We want to move into it with a fully integrated inner child (the child part of us is often wounded and needs healing) and balanced masculine and feminine qualities. We can then embrace the Enchantress who encompasses wisdom, intuition, truth and knowledge. She is a gift to the world dancing to her own tune, sharing her knowledge and wisdom.

You will feel stronger, healthier, happier, wiser and clearer in every aspect of your life. Not just emotionally but physically too. 

Can you imagine the force for life, experience and wisdom you’ll will pass on to younger generations when you overcome your own trials through peri-menopause and menopause?

No longer will they be fearful of getting old when they see you empowered, assertive, brimming with energy and confident. 

In this place you can manifest anything. Fear has no place. You are at one. You are brave, mighty and courageous. Balanced, supportive, loving and kind, able to help others with their own self-care as you help yourself always.  Your wellbeing always at the forefront so that you can be the best that you can be. 

If you haven’t reached this stage yet but struggle with your menstrual cycle, mood swings and tiredness, maybe don’t wait too long to get in balance ready for your next phase.

Life isn’t perfect. We’re not perfect. We’re not always going to eat right or think right or feel right but working on ourselves ( I follow the 80/20 rule) and having some simple tools in our toolbox, life-long tools that we can apply any time can make all the difference between developing some really unpleasant symptoms during times of hormonal change and actually mostly feeling really good - motivated and strong and riding the waves as we continue to move forward in this ever-changing world.

Ready to get started? 

I’ve designed bespoke packages for just such a transformation. 

See you there.

Lots of love

Sophie xx

Sophie Shand