"Liver Rescue"


Hello dear people,


Seeing a photo on Instagram with the book, Liver Rescue by Anthony Williams plus a glass of celery juice, I was inspired to write to you.  After all it is January and everyone knows the word we associate with this time of year.  (In case you didn't know it's Detox).  But before you jump into all of that I wanted to write and say yes yes our liver does need our support and forms a consistent part of any program I offer BUT no one organ must be focused upon singularly without placing it into the greater whole.

It's all very well drinking copious amounts of celery juice but don't you want to know what's really going on when your body seems to be 'playing up' and just not quite feeling its best?

Aren't you fed up with fads and just want to get to the nitty gritty?

I'll be honest with you - there is no quick fix.  I'm sorry.  Maybe that's not what you want to hear but really it is - 

A day in day out approach is what really works.

It's consistent daily habits.

It's me on the end of the phone or email reassuring you when you're struggling helping you to make sense of what is going on. 

And you may blip - you are human and subject to stress and universal influences and you know if you read my blogs, I'm no saint so I'm not saying you need to be perfect all the time but if you've got a few support mechanisms in place, it does help too. 

Now what are support mechanisms I hear you echo? 

*Well good friends and family really helps.

*Routine and discipline - for eg;  1. Waking every morning at the same time.  2.  Daily meditation ( I've been doing this consistently for the last 6 months) 3. A daily vegetable juice etc.  

*Steady fulfilling work.

*Moving your body somehow some way.

*Me or another professional - practitioner/therapist

So you might choose just 1 or 2 things and that's fine - you can add other stuff later.

But if you haven't got any support mechanisms in place yet, don't let that stop you - we can work them out together if you like. Call me.  I use diet, lifestyle, emotional wellness and coaching techniques to help you transform whichever part of your life you wish to transform.  It might be better energy and wellbeing or eradicating a health issue.  It might be that you feel stuck emotionally.  It may be that you have personal goals that you can't seem to reach in life like having a fulfilling job or relationship.  Whatever area it is where you feel stuck, we can address it.  Because believe me - all of those things affect your health and when you combine dietary change with cleansing techniques with emotional work with coaching - I have had great results. 

But trust me when I tell you I've been working in this area for over 25 years- quick fixes, quick faddy diets don't work.

Daily self-loving actions on a physical, emotional and spiritual level work. It doesn't mean you get it right all the time - doesn't matter.  But if you make healthier choices most of the time, you're doing well. It doesn't mean you are going to need me all the time but you might need me in the first few months or first few years and then off you go with your daily self-help toolbox not only helping yourself but helping others around you and the implications for the wider world are incredible.  Imagine being able to take care of your physical health and other needs (either through your own actions or with others help - we are not expected to sort ourselves out by ourselves all of the time) and therefore be more available to help others - how that will resonate out into the universe.  Our world could become the most magnanimous, wonderful world of care and love. 

Sound appealing?

Why not consider one of my packages and get to the root of all your health concerns in a safe and confidential space?

Spaces are available from Thursday 3rd January 2019.  You can book online at fullernutrition.com/bookings or call me on 07781 161802.  

For more information about my packages or indeed about me, go to fullernutrition.com.

Lots of love for now

Sophie xx


Sophie Shand