What are the stories you're telling yourself - stop beating yourself up and start loving you

What are the stories you’re telling yourself?

That it must be your age that you’re feeling stiff in the mornings. 

That it must be hormonal change that’s causing your skin rashes, headaches or lack of sex drive. 

Or maybe it’s when I lose weight I’ll feel good enough?

For now I’ll beat myself up, tell myself I’m eating too much or drinking too much wine or not exercising enough. 

Maybe by continually berating myself, I’ll do something about it. 

This was happening to me when I developed migraines for the first time a couple of years ago ( probably triggered by hormonal change which brings all our ‘stuff’ up to the surface to be resolved. If you’re interested, check out my blog about peri-menopause which you can find here at https://www.fullernutrition.com/post/take-charge-of-your-peri-menopause-amp-peri-menopause

But Can I tell you something? 

As soon as I stopped beating myself up about chocolate, my migraines disappeared. 

Yes I admit when I get a health issue I will prioritise my health but this time was different. This time it felt like I needed to dig deep into my belief system around ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. It felt like I needed to re-write my guilty script about chocolate and sweet things.

When a migraine would hit, I’d quickly employ effective detox techniques such as fasting, juicing and coffee enemas.

I didn’t use pain meds, never have. I’d rather not cover up my body’s attempt to re-balance. 9 If you’re interested in a medication free approach by the way I’m happy to help).

I’d use super effective tools for quick resolution and for many of my clients this protocol has worked brilliantly in prevention and onset but for me I needed to dig deep as they weren’t stopping them from coming back. They simply alleviated them when they took place. This was not enough for me. As any practitioner who’s spent half their life training and working in holistic disciplines, a major part of my learning has been down to the work I’ve done on myself.

So with my excavator’s hat on, I realised I needed to walk my talk and start dealing with the stress I was under and the added stress I was putting on myself giving myself such a friking hard time with everything particularly my chocolate habit. I needed to put that bag down.

We’re not born with these crazy ideas, but through life experience and without knowing our bigger picture (usually when we’re little kids), we jump to conclusions.

Now it was time to start believing in myself and believing in my ability to heal with whatever life ‘threw’ at me.

So it sounds corny but what has actually worked is stopping beating myself up and doing the daily inner work to develop a rock solid I’VE GOT YOUR BACK relationship with myself.

It’s been nothing short of miraculous, enlightening and empowering. It can be difficult to know we’re ok and actually feel we can trust ourselves completely. Are you that person?

With this insight I now have never felt this good about relying on myself and feeling a tight bond. Would you like to feel this way?

Ain’t no-one else gonna love and respect you unless you love and respect yourself first goes the saying. We hear this so many times but how much are we able to take that in when our emotional bags are so heavy.

This is what I do in our sessions. I help you excavate all this stuff so you can let go of the past and start living life the way it’s mean’t to be.

So what can you do first of all?

Well you can stop beating up on yourself and give yourself a break. You can make a promise to yourself that you’ve got your back from now on and stop putting other people first.

You can start the process towards greater self-love and compassion for everything you’ve been through in your life so far and all the balls you’re trying to juggle.

You could include some down-time to get quiet and close with yourself using some daily meditation or breathing techniques or maybe spend some time in nature each day to connect?

I wonder if you were to say to yourself you know what, it’s ok, I’m doing the best I can and put those ‘bags’ down. Maybe you could note when you’re heading for the biscuit tin, or overworking or zoning out with buckets of cheese and red wine and be ok with that. And maybe do a check-in and deep dive into how you’re feeling.

Maybe you’ll eat it, maybe you won’t. That part’s irrelevant in the great scheme of healing your body, mind and soul. You see the whole thing with diet and healthy eating: The focus is rarely on that and almost always in the work you do behind the scenes to create a healthy authentic loving relationship with yourself. Healthy eating follows from that place. That’s why ‘diets’ don’t work!!

By the same token, you've all had the friend who eats IMMACULATELY and yet can not get her health on track. It's only part of the picture you see.Anyhow see how your body responds. 

This is what myself and my clients have found:

Peace of mind

A sense of self

Greater clarity

Clear boundaries ( able to say no)

A healthy relationship with food, people, work etc.

Faith and trust


A willingness to adapt and be flexible

Kindness and generosity of Spirit

An open heart

Happiness, joy, contentment, courage, self-belief, vision, inspiration, motivation and SELF-LOVE ❤️

It’s time we take a different approach to feeling better about ourselves.

Our physical state is simply an expression of our inner state.

Imagine how much easier it is for your stiff joints to ease, energy levels to feel higher and motivation to feel good ‘cos you’re honouring your feelings.

My personalised emotional, nutrition and lifestyle packages are perfect if you’re struggling to unearth your best self and and feel really good. 

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