5 reasons why you should practice yoga

Yoga yoga yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Has your practice gone down the spout or do you just need a refresh?

I went to this fab new yoga place in Town and it reignited my love for it. I’ve been just twice to husband and wife team Justin and Camacha at Rise Yoga Guernsey and I have to tell you, it ticked all my boxes.

This is not to diss the many other fabulous teachers on the island by the way. It’s just my preference right now.

I felt I was in superb hands. Justin is teaching from a highly practised and informed place from within himself. I really liked that. 

The 2nd class in the morning was with Camacha and I loved her approach. She had no yoga mat.  Justin didn’t have one either. She wore this kinda lazy shaggy grey jumpsuit like a baby grow for adults but it looked sooo cool. I loved it!

There was something about her vibe with no barriers, a kind of authenticity that totally drew me in.

There was no strict protocol or regime. It was a very relaxed vibe as if you were sitting in her house and then organically she led us into poses that felt right for the group but again not a carefully composed set of lots and lots of sequences one after the other.
You had time to breathe rather than feeling like you were taking part in another to do activity.

She was totally engaged in really helping us to feel where the breath was, which muscles to engage and helping us 1 on 1. It was like going back to the core of yoga, the rooting in part, the basics -tuning in, getting it right for yourself. No rush.

Basically get this bit right and it'll transform you.

So yeah, I loved it. 

But let me give you 5 reasons why yoga is so good:

  • It helps you to de-stress and meditate.

  • It balances your chakras which sit behind you endocrine system (major hormonal glands like ovaries, adrenals, thyroid etc.)

  • It helps to tone, strengthen and improve flexibility

  • It helps you focus on your breath.

  • And movement stops stagnation - shifts lymph (lymphatic system removes our gunk) which is detoxifying

I love that they have several drop in classes a day. 

I love that you can book and pay online an hour before. 

I love their utterly relaxed, natural no airs and graces, open, authentic approach. 

I like their location.
You can check ‘em out here.

Camacha is sister to Ellie of The Free From Farm ( Facebook @TheFreeFromFarm) who sells smoothies there on a Friday too.  They also make all sorts of amazing stuff - dairy free cheese, chocolate.. by the way. I love Guernsey and all it's innovators! 

I love what’s happening these days with holistic businesses where you get to connect to the person in all their simplicity and authenticity.

Is this what you like too?
Transparency, honesty, authenticity ‘cos if it is join me in any of these places and discover all of these things plus all the tools you need to find health, happiness, balance and especially if you’re in your 40’s and 50’s going through menopause and peri-menopause.

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Big hug

Sophie xox