My top ten tips to make the best of the Equinox: Feel your best this Autumn & Winter

It's just 6 days until the 2nd biggest shift of the year and everyone I'm bumping into has either got a cold or is feeling really discombobulated.
Is this you?
I got a cold last week and felt very sorry for myself but I want you to know this does happen frequently round the Equinox. It's not just some strange coincidence. So I've set out a simple explanation and some simple tools you can use to reap the benefits of this powerful time.

So what does it mean?

  • It represents a powerful energetic shift

  • It signifies the changeover from Summer to Autumn
    Just so you knows it's much stronger than a Full Moon

  • It has a massive detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body

  • If we work with it, we can look forward to a healthy Autumn and Winter free of chest infections, colds, aches and pains and feeling low

  • Did you know our lymphatic system does a complete about turn, flipping direction from up front and down back to up back and down front?

  • It's happening in just under 7 days - 23rd to be exact!

Imagine how much energy is needed to do that?

If you're hanging onto stress and physical toxicity - it's going to be uncomfortable. Maybe your constipation is worse or you've got severe bloating or maybe you feel more anxious and fearful.

If we harness these universal rhythms and work in harmony with them, we can use them as an opportunity to clear and prepare our vehicles, and do a complete 360.


Follow them and you'll feel stronger, brighter and clearer than ever.

1. Juicing (not blending sorry smoothie lovers unless you can make it like a vegetable juice then it's ok). If you're not keen, try my favourite combo of carrot, kale and celery. It's nice and sweet!

2. Plenty of short grain brown rice. It bulks the bowel and provides plenty of moisture. Supporting our most important route of elimination to get those toxins out!! ( It soaks up toxins too which is useful)

3. Go dairy-free. Dairy is super mucus forming and once past toddler age, we actually don't have the digestive enzymes to break it down so it often causes an immune reaction which is inflammatory.

4. Go gluten-free. Most of us are dehydrated. It's impossible not to be with our modern environment and stress levels through the roof. Gluten really aggravates this dryness which upsets the bowel which upsets the liver and toxin levels rise ⬆️.

5. Drink pints of warm water throughout the day, never more than 2 pints in 1 hr and not more than 6 pints in a day.

6. Skin-brushingwhich stimulates the lymphatics helping with the cleansing process.

7. Hot and cold showeringor sea-swimming also benefits the movement of toxins.

8. Time outdoors in Nature, barefoot on the ground is even better even if it's just for a few minutes.

9. Plenty of veggies- steamed or in the form of soups and stews to help alkalise and detoxify.

10. Movement- exercise of any kind which helps the shift.

I hope these tips help you make the most of the Equinox.

We do need to build consistent habits though so if you want to continue working on them together AND get a complete emotional balancing, dietary and lifestyle plan, I'd love to share my knowledge, wisdom and support with you in my 121 sessions.

If you're feeling unmotivated and fed up, stuck in a cycle of low energy, headaches and anxiety or just unsure where or how to begin, schedule a call or book in here. Single sessions are available also, just send me an email here.