When you need to dig deep...

Do you suffer from from constant bloating and constipation or diarrhoea, not to mention headaches and unruly skin? Have you found your bowel habits have changed with peri-menopause / menopause?
Recently I'm definitely finding I need to pay attention to my diet and self-care routine to ensure all is well in that department.

I suffered from spotty skin as an adolescent and constipation in my childhood right up until I started my Nutrition training but I’m here to tell you about the perfect tools you can use to resolve it.

I always wondered why my Dad had stacks of magazines sitting in the bidet when I was little. I only realised when I started my training and talked a lot about ‘poop’ that Dad must have been constipated and that this was where my irregular bowel movements came from.

You see our bowel is our largest route of elimination and water reservoir. So if we’re even slightly dehydrated, our bowel will suffer. But it’s so absolutely vital that it works well as our liver wholly depends on it to remove our ‘gunk'. If it doesn’t, not only can we suffer from digestive problems, we can also develop problems with our skin, joints, hormones, immune system and mental/emotional balance. ( Remember: liver is our master controller. It’s in charge!).

So if you suffer from mood swings, spots, anxiety, joint aches, period problems and many other symptoms I haven’t mentioned, you can guarantee that colon is unhappy which means liver is unhappy too.

Now I’m going to write about a particular naturopathic technique which combined with right diet will give you the results you need. Enemas have been used since Roman times. They provide the colon with the ability to eliminate fully, something that can be very difficult for many different reasons.

I appreciate the thought of using enemas doesn’t bring about the most joyful feeling in the world but I can not impress upon you their incredible benefits.

Safe to say until you embark on a gentle water enema, you can not imagine what the large intestine is capable of holding onto and just how toxic it can become through poor diet and lifestyle or simply by being the recipient of a heavy toxic load handed down through previous generations. Not to mention our dehydrated somewhat polluted environment and our emotional state. Colon is all about letting go after all!

Introducing just 1L of clean tepid water in and out of the colon will show you this and the relief will be immediate though in the beginning for some rarely, you might experience nausea as it causes a toxic release from the bowel. An even greater sign you need to cleanse and re-balance.

By cleansing the bowel in this way, not only do you improve the elasticity and tone of this muscular organ leading to healthier bowel function in the future. You also indirectly benefit liver since it’s the major detoxifying organ of the body which uses the bowel above all else to shift toxins. And just imagine how happy your good bacteria will be when the environment is less acidic and therefore conducive to their growth!

And you don’t have to use them long-term. Like I said, they improve the health of the bowel - they don’t make it lazy as laxatives do. Then you can just use them occasionally when you feel the need to do a detox.

Being free of tummy pain, bloating and constipation that accompanies an irritable bowel particularly during hormonal change like the menopause, will induce fantastic feelings of relief and well-being. An old fashioned nursing technique used for many centuries before the introduction of modern laxatives, it serves a wholly natural and supportive process. I can not recommend it highly enough.

So together with dietary change, you will feel relieved, revitalised and healthy.

If you suffer from any discomfort especially bowel related but any symptom at all, do get in touch. There is absolutely no need to suffer when you have the right tools to hand. If you're dead against the idea of enemas, we can use other effective tools instead. Enemas are not the only tool I use to help you get back in balance and feeling yourself again.

Can’t wait to hear from you.


Sophie x

Disclaimer: Though I believe fully in the use of enemas to restore healthy bowel function, I can not be held responsible for the use or misuse of the information provided and subsequently any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of them therefore I would recommend you seek the support of a qualified practitioner should you wish to engage in this practice for better health.